My Experience

My name is Rory Khan Mohon. I am a guitarist, bassist, synth-player, writer and composer. I'm looking to collaborate in a multitude of ways. I'm available for touring, recording, composing for film and TV, and live performances. On my website you can find links to music videos I've been a part of, albums I've recorded and live videos of me playing guitar- which is a part of my daily practice. 

My Gear

I have professional-grade gear which I've curated over the better part of my playing. My sound is distinctive and an extension of myself. My current setup is a '62 AVRI Fender Jazzmaster through a Roland JC-120 with a carefully crafted pedalboard full of delays, reverbs, pitch shifter, fuzz, chorus and overdrive. As for synths, I have a DSI Prophet Rev2, a Digitakt and a Moog Mother 32. Through these I have access to a wide range of sounds that work well with many genres of music.